Orion is a real little mystery of Vinkovci, which changes the life of this sleepy town.a život ovog uspavanog grada. it is a vessel of unusual beauty, a ceramic pot painted in black and white squares. It was discovered in 1978. when digging a shelter for the Slavonia Hotel facility. Significantly, it happened on the first day of spring.

It was later discovered that the vessel dates back to 2600 BC. from the time of the Vučedol culture! Twenty years after its discovery, the secret of the unique ornaments was solved – it is a symbolic representation of the sky above the town. More precisely, Orion is a calendar, the oldest calendar in Europe. Just to compare, it is about 500 years older than the famous Stonehenge site.

No matter what season you visit Vinkovci, look up to the starry sky during clear nights and try to find symbols from Orion. in the autumn Pleiades, Gemini and Pisces/ Pegasus, and in the winter Pleiades, Gemini, Pisces/Pegasus, Cassiopeia and Orion. The calendar can be seen in the Town Museum Vinkovci.

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