Vinkovačke jeseni

The apple is a symbol of the festival Vinkovačke jeseni (Vinkovci Autumn) – the oldest and most significant cultural and artistic manifestation of this region.

The initiators of Vinkovačke jeseni in the mid-1960s wanted to mark the beginning of the harvest and the season of gathering fruits with this manifestation. This beginning used to be held at Borinci plantation, where a girl, wearing a folk costume, would pick the first apples, thus symbolically marking the beginning of the harvest and the beginning of autumn. This custom was later abandoned, but Vinkovačke jeseni has grown to be the largest cultural event in the region.

It is an event that strives for the permanent affirmation of original cultural and artistic folklore, created out of a desire to show the richness of Slavonian tradition, the beauty of Slavonian folk costumes and customs and to preserve musical heritage. Vinkovačke jeseni is an event that celebrates the cheerful spirit and strength of the local man, who works hard but can also rejoice, dance and sing. The ceremonial procession with horsemen, Lipizzaner horses and decorated carriages, folklore evenings, and Šokački divani (Šokci chats) are just part of a rich program that takes place all over town during the festival and attracts visitors from the whole country and beyond.

The festival is held on the third weekend in September.

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