Roman days

Roman Days is an event to present the rich history and influence of the Roman Empire on the area of ​​the town of Vinkovci. Vinkovci, then Colonia Aurelia Cibalae, had a significant role in history as the town where Valens and Valentinian, the only Roman emperors born in present-day Croatia, were born.

The Roman Days are held at the beginning of June – it is a historical, touristic, and educational event, with which the Tourist Board and the Town Museum of Vinkovci want to present Vinkovci through the living images of Colonia Aurelia Cibalae. There are workshops for children, a short gladiator course, presentations of historical battles, storytelling, and ceramic utensils workshops… The entertainment is rounded off by concerts and a craft beer festival (Roman emperor Valens, in fact, was also known by the nickname Pivopija (beer-drinker), so in his honour craft beer from Vinkovci also bears that name).

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