Weekend in Vinkovci

start your tour from the main park in Vinkovci – there you can visit the Town Museum and observe the Church of Sts. Eusebius and Polion. Then you can continue your walk towards the bridge on the Bosut River and along the river towards Krnjaš – the last Šokci-street in Vinkovci. You should definitively go down to the Bosut River, listen to the sound of sedge and experience the calming effect of this slow river.

Krnjaš is the place where the birthplace of Ivan Kozarac is located, as well as a monument to the platonic love of the Vinkovci version of Romeo and Juliet. From Ivan Kozarac street, turn into Josip Kozarac street, then left – from the back side of the town cemetery, you are on the way to Banja – the favourite swimming place in Vinkovci.

If you visit the town in winter, you can immediately go to the Gothic Church at Meraja, and then through Gundulićeva street back to the central park. Tourist guides will make this walk even more educational and fun. You should taste Valens craft beer from Vinkovci, local šljivovica or Ferbežar medovina (a type of wine made from honey).

After getting to know the town centre, the baroque architecture of Vinkovci, the banks of the Bosut River and the museum on the first day, it’s time to expand your horizons. This area is perfect for cycling. Choose one of the marked bicycle paths, blue, red or yellow, which all start from the bridge in the centre of Vinkovci. They are 19-21 km long, cover different terrains from concrete to macadam, so you’ll need a good bike, and maps with marked trails can be found at the Tourist Board.

A bicycle is an ideal means of transport for touring the nearby Kunjevci forest or walking along the Bosut to the Sopot picnic area. If you don’t have your own bicycle, use a public bicycle or a public electric scooter.

For fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers in general – Otočki and Bošnjački virovi are a must-see destination. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, don’t miss a tour of the Vinkovci market or pijaca. As a souvenir, buy sweet and spicy home-made dried peppers, top-quality cured meat products, šljivovica and young cheese (podlijevni) – a specialty of this region.

There is enough time during the weekend to allow yourself to experience the slow and calm life of this region. Start the day by walking – choose the promenade that connects Kunjevci and Sopot or the Trbušanci promenade.

Organize a horse ride or treat yourself to a boat ride on the Bosut. After getting enough fresh air and getting hungry – treat yourself to a rich Slavonian lunch in one of the many restaurants in Vinkovci.

Don’t forget to post photos of the places you visited because they are uniquely #interwoven with gold threads (#protkani zlatom)

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