Homemade noodles with poppy seeds.

Recept za domaću tjesteninu

400g of flour
5 eggs
A bit of oil
50 ml of milk
100g ground poppy seeds
1 packet of vanilla sugar
50g sugar
a little butter

PASTA:Mix all the ingredients, divide into balls, and roll out each ball thinly. Dust the rolled-out pasta with flour, roll it up, and cut it with a knife to the desired width. Arrange the pasta on a working surface and let it air-dry. Once the pasta has dried, cook it in boiling water.

After cooking the pasta, it is necessary to cook all the remaining ingredients in milk. Once the poppy seeds swell a bit, remove from heat and gently mix in the cooked pasta. Return to heat for a bit until the pasta absorbs the milk and poppy seed mixture.

Enjoy your meal!

Author: Žana Kužet

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