The continuity of life and the story of Vinkovci as the oldest settlement in Europe began more than 8000 years ago. Thanks to its extremely favourable position in the northernmost meander of the Bosut River, whose left bank was protected from floods, people have inhabited this area and different cultures have been changing since the Neolithic until today.

Vinkovci Trafika Stevan D. Vrušević; Vinkovci; 1929. g.- 1934. g.
140 x 88 mm, Gradski muzej Vinkovci, Zbirka razglednica i starih fotografija, P3353


Orion is a real little mystery of Vinkovci, which changes the life of this sleepy town.a život ovog uspavanog grada. it is a vessel of unusual beauty, a ceramic pot painted in black and white squares. It was discovered in 1978. when digging a shelter for the Slavonia Hotel facility. Significantly, it happened on the first day of spring.


One of favourite picnic spots in Vinkovci is Sopot – an archaeological park connected to the town centre by a 3-kilometre-long pedestrian-cycling path, which runs all the way along the Bosut River.


Vinkovci is an area extremely rich in important archaeological findings. In the very centre of Vinkovci, in Duga ulica at number 26 a hoard of silver utensils was found…

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